Tuesday, August 03, 2004

News from Church Stretton

Just to show it can be done! For those of you who don't know Church Stretton, it's one of the loveliest places on God's good earth. Not that we like to tell too many people about it, because one of the nicest things is its unspoilt, uncrowded character.

Plus the local library has broadband Internet access, and when it's not crowded with teenagers (i.e. any time before noon) there's a spare computer for us oldies to use.

Hey, does this mean I'm actually addicted to blogging?

posted by Tony at 8/3/2004 08:45:50 AM


Daniel said...

(Not commenting so as not to feed your blogging addiction and allow you to enjoy your holiday...)

8/5/2004 07:42:43 PM  
Tony said...

Ah, too late; Internet access at the Church Stretton library is so brilliant - broadband, which is easy to get hooked on - that whenever I get a spare moment I log on there.

8/10/2004 08:51:03 AM  

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