Monday, October 18, 2004

Sorry is the Hardest Word

It's a hard thing, to ask your Christian brother and sister to apologise for doing something they sincerely believe is right. I only want to ask people to reflect on how they would feel, if someone did this to them (which seems like a reasonable application of the Golden Rule). It's one thing if you know that you made a mistake; then the obvious thing to do is to admit it, say sorry and move on. But can we be clear that that's what the Diocese of New Hampshire has done? Where's the difference between what one person sees as a mistake, and the other person considers a prophetic act?

It might indeed be that we need to avoid rushing ahead with further such 'prophetic acts'. But the other side of that bargain would be, that those who regard them as mistakes go back to prayer. Not along the lines that they've prayed up till now, ("Please, Lord, show these liberal unbelievers they are wrong and bring them to repent,") but along the lines of "Lord, we are all mistaken. Show us where we all need to change our minds and learn your truth. Show us your way of keeping the church united, at the same time as including people we categorically disagree with. Better yet, help us to learn to value them, understand where they are coming from, and who knows? maybe even agree with them."

posted by Tony at 10/18/2004 07:33:04 PM


Kathryn said...

Oh AMEN Tony...
This whole situation is so miserable, and the huge sincerity of all those involved on both sides is one of the saddest things. Why are we so bad at learning how to love??

10/18/2004 09:26:19 PM  

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