Saturday, November 27, 2004

Got Broadband

I've finally taken the plunge and subscribed to broadband. What I hadn't realised was how expensive it would be (a 'free' installation from the provider involved calling out the security engineer to put another filter in a place that I cannot reach) and how much time it would take up - because there are so many places I could never think of visiting before. Like this French computer engineer's CV, which some might call irritating. (Don't even think about clicking this link unless you have broadband, I'm warning you.) It's amazing what some people get up to.

So the next thing now is how to network all the family computers. Probably cost money, I suppose.

posted by Tony at 11/27/2004 05:41:17 PM


Miriam said...

Well, heck, I'd hire him.

11/29/2004 01:39:20 AM  

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