Wednesday, December 01, 2004

David Blunkett

I can't really decide what to make of the David Blunkett storm-in-a-teacup (if that's what it is.) On the one hand, there's the usual hypocrisy of the British media about any sexual misdoings in high places. A compound of envy that here's this boring old politician somehow attracting a rather good-looking younger woman, with the prurience which actually admires this when it involves glamorous, star-quality celebrities. This hypocrisy just makes me sick.

But on the other hand, we are talking about an adulterer. Someone who induced another person to break her vows to her husband; and just as with Robin Cook and many another, I'm not sure that I trust someone who is faithless, or encourages faithlessness, in such 'little', private matters, to be faithful or honest in 'big' public ones. I know this is pretty unfashionable, but I really don't believe we can compartmentalise morality like that. And, according to the headline of one rag, he only wants access to his child! No, I don't believe mere biology gives him any claim or right, if he hasn't the faith or decency to commit legally and publicly to the mother, and she to him.

posted by Tony at 12/1/2004 09:18:50 PM


Rhys said...

except: when you consider the really terrible things Blunkett has done with just a fraction of the press attention - reintroducing internment, attacking jury trials., abusing asylum seekers - it looks pathetically irrelevant

not me but Wednesday's Independent but i tend to agree.

12/2/2004 01:18:36 PM  
Tony said...

That's confirmed then! A man who is capable of secretly screwing someone else's wife is just the person you'd expect to secretly screw anyone else who trusts him - in this case the electorate. I had been thinking it was Blair who was the main reason I may decide to leave the Party early. But this reminds me that Blunkett is an even more compelling reason.

12/2/2004 06:43:33 PM  

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