Thursday, December 09, 2004

Male Infertility Postscript

These scary news reports about another thing having been discovered to cause infertility crop up with such regularity, that you could almost think they must be pandering to some paranoia among men. (Can you credit such an idea?!)

So I thought it was time for a bit of Web research. On a reputable looking and British site I found that the following are thought to be causes of infertility in men:
  • Very hot baths
  • Obesity (folds of fat hanging round the testicles and overheating them)
  • Tight underpants
  • Too much sitting down
  • Too much sex (three times a day: bad; every three days: good)
  • Too many cigarettes (20+ per day)
  • Too much alcohol ('for a variety of reasons' ?!)
  • Too much work
So, nothing there about some of the other things that are sometimes cited as causes of infertility:
  • Standing too near a microwave oven
  • Keeping your mobile phone in your trouser pocket
  • All that oestrogen in the drinking water because of the numbers of women taking the Pill.
  • Mumps (extremely rare, as a cause of infertility)
Source: - though they do seem to be trying to sell you something, namely a wonder treatment to aid the production of healthy sperm.

posted by Tony at 12/9/2004 05:52:25 PM


Claire said...

My flatmate's been worrying about that a lot!

Thanks for your response to my post the other day. My flatmate liked it too. So do some Christians see the nativity story as a kind of metaphor?

12/10/2004 10:59:15 AM  

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