Tuesday, December 07, 2004

There's old news - and there's news I haven't heard yet

A week ago the BBC web-site was reporting that the most looked-up word of 2004, according to Merriam-Webster Online, was 'blog' - and I thought nothing of it. But just today I went to the web-site and discovered what the second most looked-up word was. Any guesses?

It was incumbent. So, from one of those who is one, (according to its Latin derivation, someone who is lying down on the job - I wish) all I can say is, a happy 2004 to all you word-seekers. Carry on blogging - and lying down on the job.

posted by Tony at 12/7/2004 02:57:07 PM


Claire said...

Incumbent's got a lovely sound to it. I like that umb noise.

12/7/2004 04:10:01 PM  
Tony said...

That's just me, uncertain about what to say next ...

12/7/2004 04:14:05 PM  
maggi said...

Wonderful! FOr some reason I can't fathom, linking the two meanings of Incumbent never occurred to me before! I am, of course, not an Incumbent but a Chaplain. Nevertheless I resolve to begin lying down on the job immediately. (and, I suppose, that could have a double meaning too...)

12/8/2004 11:14:21 AM  

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