That’s a first

Tui phones with her brilliant news. Just back from a fortnight’s post-Finals holiday with Dave, she went into the university to check her results, and has gained a First! She’s the first person in our family to achieve this; having coasted through school rather, doing well enough but never really exerting herself (her parents thought) she discovered at university that she was interested in her subject, enjoyed working hard, and could get good marks.

Credit where it’s due: a lot of this is thanks to fiancé Dave, who has a well-developed work ethic himself, and somehow managed to impart that to Tui in a way her parents never could. (I wonder how that happens?)

The rest of the family mostly have respectable but possibly dull Seconds. Except for Tom, who enjoyed his time at university so much, that his Engineering project scraped in two places above the fail mark. His parents expressed some concern about this. Not so his engineering colleagues, who were delighted. “Way to go, Tom! That’s what we call economy of effort!”