Stunt grannies

I suppose it’s after having written that last post, that only one thing could possibly come to mind when I spotted this delightful little Christmas gift idea:

RC stunt granny


I’ve just got to have the complete set, including the C of E, Methodist and Baptist stunt grannies. Sadly the Maplin catalogue doesn’t seem to list those items.

Thomas Merton (1915-1968)

Today is the 40th anniversary of the untimely death of Thomas Merton, in Bangkok.

Of all his writings, it’s his Seven Storey Mountain which I have loved best, and which has had the greatest influence on me. It was the work which first blew open my rather narrow Evangelicalism and made me love aspects of a Catholic tradition which had long become rather quaint and superseded by Vatican II. (And therefore, some of the more modern aspects too.)

I guess, as with many great Christians, Merton has become an idea which people love, far beyond the actual ideas or influence he stood for. But God uses all of that. A bit like when people quote back to me things they’ve heard in my sermons, which I’m pretty sure I never said.

The Spirit bloweth where it listeth…