A la recherche

One of our Christmas correspondents (now domiciled in France, geddit?) sent these pictures du temps perdu:

A little reminder of a picnic in July 1989

A picnic in 1989

Is it just that Maggie and Geoff (R. of picture) now live in France, that makes me think the 20-years ago myself with the dark beard and silly hat (the silly hat, at least, hasn’t changed) bears a strange resemblance to Toulouse Lautrec?

The same picnic in 1989

Here you see the whole family the way we were, with the four children gathered around dark-haired Alison. With her back to the camera Li (8), beyond her Sun (9) and Tui (4), between Alison and Toulouse Lautrec, Tom (11). The church in the background is St Mary’s, Lydiard Tregoze, where I was vicar in that other country.