A Computing Milestone

So yesterday I installed Mac OS X Lion on my MacBook. This is the first time I have ever upgraded an OS this early – only the day after it was available on the App Store. It took about 4½ hours to download, much less than that to install! and is looking good. Safari in particular seems to fly, after quite a time when Chrome has been the speedier choice.

But it also reveals a problem. My lovely iMac desktop machine can’t accept the upgrade, which needs an Intel Duo processor. My iMac is over 5 years old, and this sudden discovery makes it start to look middle-aged to elderly. How will I be able to replace it? While lots of computers have been getting cheaper, Macs are quite a bit more expensive now than when I bought this one. Time for some hard economies and saving or juggling of finances. Or the horrible, unfaceable prospect of changing to an unMac.

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