Rhys asks me what music I would have had on my iPod, if I’d had one when I was 18, and what’s on it now.

At 18, probably select Beatles (Sergeant Pepper), Francoise Hardy, and a fair bit of “Summer of Love” stuff (“Let’s go to San Francisco, etc.”).

By 22, it would have included Joni Mitchell.

By 28, Judy Collins.

By 30, Kate Bush.

By 40, I wasn’t listening to music, with four children and not enough money to buy a CD player (and not prepared to buy any more vinyl when it was on the way out.)

By 50, Enya and Mary Black. More recently, Tori Amos.

Notice anything? I’m kind of a sucker for women’s voices. And I’m really remarkably faithful to these ladies. All the above are on my iPod now. But there’s a few other things by those Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar guys, that wouldn’t have been there when I was 18.

I’m also trying out a few podcasts (Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon broadcasts) and looking for good audiobooks: so far I’ve been listening to Richard Burton reading Under Milk Wood.

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  1. Dear Tony

    still been reading the blog – great stuff! In all honesty, I do normally just hover around, and don’t contribute, but couldn’t resist when I saw that you have discovered the Blessed Tori Amos. I have been (faintly) obssessed with her since I was about 16, and think she gets better and better. Otherwise pretty much a classical buff, personally, but liking Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright at the moment. For female voices, why not try Regina Spektor?


  2. Nice to hear from you, Simon. I’ll look out for Regina Spektor, whom I’ve never heard of. Since posting, I reflect it’s not ALL women’s voices I like, there’s got to be something about the kinds of songs they sing. e.g I can’t be doing with Norah Jones: lovely voice, but rubbish songs and lyrics.

  3. My choices would be similar. However, of late I’ve gone into contemporary classical, with composers like Philip Glass, Peteris Vasks, Arvo Part, etc.

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