Stewartby Winter

Stewartby as it was, in the great old brickmaking days. This was the winter of 1981-2.

Stewartby in snow


We moved in at the beginning of December, and the day I was licensed, the snow came. It lay until after Christmas, which with three children under 4, and two of them in a pram, was not easy…

5 thoughts on “Stewartby Winter

  1. i had for gotten that there were that many chimneys
    i remember it snowing like this.
    i have a memory of Tom and i walking along the top of banked up snow on the way home from school

  2. I was Loading Foreman on the Car Kilns (the village side of the railway) during that winter. I still think they were the best days of my working life. It was tough, dirty and in all weathers but there was an unbeatable camaraderie. This was Stewartby as I remember it, alas all gone now. That is not to say I do not appreciate the clean air.
    Is it possible to have a copy of this splendid photograph?
    It would be much appreciated.

  3. I can see John Bunyans watering hole jut left of centre, infront of the school. D’ont know when the picture was taken, but it would have been in my younger days with so many chimneys still standing.,Lived at 86, then in Churchill Close.Live “Downunder ” now

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