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Bagpuss creator Oliver Postgate dies | Media | guardian.co.uk

Oliver Postgate brought whimsical pleasure to millions, generation after generation. I loved Noggin the Nog best, as a child, and I loved Bagpuss when I watched it again with my own children.

What always surprises me is how few episodes there were of these treasures. Compared with, say, The Simpsons, which runs into hundreds of episodes, there are only a dozen or so of these beautiful stories.

What I never knew till today, is that Postgate also had his own website, in which he shared some of his thoughts about the real world, the one we live in today.

Bless him for a creative, innocent and good man.

One thought on “Oliver Postgate

  1. I loved bagpuss – but the clangers – just before the evening news if I remember correctly. – my favourite. Comparisons withe Simpsons are unfair – they have a massive budget for writers and technicians et al. They are funny as well (IMHO) Jeremey Clerkson – not funny (IMHO) but I digress.

    Postgate did a political satire or election summary once (1974) and it was only broadcast once regarding elections and with the the clangers – so funny yet not so funny in 2008 perhaps

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/news/wato/ to listen again (you need bbc Iplayer) and the item is about 24 minutes into the programme.

    As Maggi Dawn says “go listen”

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