Just tried to upgrade WordPress to 2.9, only to find I also needed to upgrade my MySQL database on the host server to MySQL5.0

Doing stuff like that isn’t intuitive and easy like most things on Mac. It involves running PHP scripts, which I have done before, but not often enough to remember how.

There’s always the scary possibility that you may delete or destroy everything, and it could be irreversible. (No CTRL-Z button!)

But it seems to have worked. While I’m still trying it out, please let me know if you spot anything funny.

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4 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Just a suggestion from another who hated doing the upgrade thing. There is a plugin called WordPress Automatic Upgrade that I use all the time. I still had to do the SQL upgrade today but was all … well automatic … and seemless. the plugin website is out of date it seems but you can find it in the plugin directory.

    Hope that helps…

  2. Hi joanna! Yes, I use Automatic Upgrade for my WordPress – what got me into difficulties was that they didn’t tell you upfront (and I didn’t read the small print!) that you needed a higher spec of MySQL. So nothing was working at all till I bit the bullet and started messing with settings on the host server. All seems well now though…

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