Greetings, indeed!

A next-tier management person – let’s call him the BFG – whom, incidentally, I really like and respect – sends us all an e-mail with an e-Christmas-card attachment.

When I was in the role a few years ago now, a colleague and I used to send out real Christmas cards, actually choosing, buying or producing them, printing address labels, signing cards, putting them in envelopes, sticking stamps on, carrying them to the postbox. Sure, it was a hassle, but the expense of time and effort represented the care we liked to think we were exercising for the people we were sending them to, and possibly even a prayer.

So I feel kind of offended, vaguely insulted even, to receive an e-Christmas-greeting. Certainly not greatly valued and encouraged. I’m sure the BFG would be mortified if I were to tell him this. But actually, I’m not even sure he is the one who pressed the ‘Send’ button – he probably got his secretary to do it. It kind of feels as if it hasn’t cost him anything. I’d almost prefer not to get a greeting from him at all.

Or am I just being scrooge-ish?

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